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We tailor your online strategy to be as unique as

your business

Mobile Responsive

Creative and Professional websites built to be easily editable and fully responsive to give you and your client an unforgettable experience.

Social Media

Social Media Management is one of the most crucial aspects of digital marketing. Let us create engaging content that can increase your online presence.


Search Engine Optimization is more important than ever as it creates potential for every business. Make sure your site is 100% SEO friendly for amazing results.

Branded Email

Every email you send out is a marketing opportunity, why not leave your digital footprint through Branded Email. Ensure any recipient of yours is a potential client.

The success of our business relies on the success of yours!

We are a Website Development house and ISP (National Internet Service Provider) that focuses on making the internet work for you. We run a highly motivated team, and focus our many resources on client support and ongoing research. The success of our business relies on the success of yours!

Keep Evolving

We believe that partnering strategically with a company that continually listens, understands your business needs and looks into the best viable way to represent you on the internet is vital and what we we do best.

Exceeding Expectations

Websites and Online Strategies have become a critical business tool. Not only are clients more informed, but have come to expect that you have your brand and/ or company products/ services at the touch of a button.

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Get all your ducks in a row (and columns) so you can focus on growing your business!

Give your business that extra boost of professionalism with your email address.

Offering email management through standard email hosting or Google Apps which is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps you and your team connect, and get work done from anywhere and on any device. It’s simple to setup, use and manage, allowing you to work smarter and focus on what really matters.

Our branded email options let you use every email as a marketing opportunity helping you grow your business with every email sent out.


If you don’t take your own image seriously, why should your client?

When companies don’t have a professional website it certainly can provide a negative perception – that the company cannot ‘afford any better’ and/ or doesn’t take their own image seriously. In this day and age having a website is as important as having a cellphone and being able to email.

We offer all aspects of the website including domain registration, design, development, ongoing hosting and support for any type of website such as Ecommerce, Online Business Brochure, Personal Website etc.

We take supporting our clients very seriously and empower our clients to manage their own website through interactive training sessions.

We design and develop beautiful, purpose-driven websites

What is Search Engine Optimization and why is it important?

Google will send out bots or “little readers” as we like to call them to search through your site and give them feedback on how to display the data you are putting out on the internet, If the “little readers” cannot understand what they are reading, they will go back to “headquarters” with a measly “I don’t know what they are trying to sell.” In turn, when a potential client of yours searches for the product you are selling, Google will not know that you are trying to sell the very same product they are looking for and your competitor will get the client.

Benefits of SEO friendly sites include:

With our SEO packages you are much more likely to rank higher than a competitor on Google, which means that you best friend will bring you business.

Let us help you manage your Website SEO

The number one mistake people make is promoting on Social Media without a strategy.

The majority of businesses misunderstand the context of customer relationships when using social media and attempt to do the hard sell rather than seeking to engage and connect with their customers. Businesses need to proactively use and market their social presence with platforms like Facebook and Twitter, ensuring social interaction with both existing and new potential clients at large.

We will manage your social media platforms, creating captivating content which allow your target market to engage and expand while relating to your brand personal level.

I want to engage and connect with my customers

Keeping your clients in the know, anywhere, anytime.

Create professional email marketing campaigns without any HTML or design skills using our simple newsletter editor. You don’t need a designer to put together an email newsletter layout – assemble it yourself in a few easy steps. Create a mailing list, add a ready-made subscription form to your website or blog, and hit the send button.

Let us help you manage your Email Campaigns

From data accounts to line management, ADSL to Fibre, We do it all!

Our Capped and Uncapped Data accounts are Suitable for ADSL, VDSL and Fibre lines.

We offer both capped and uncapped data as every’ones needs vary. Capped has no shapping/ throttling. Uncapped offers home and small business users the perfect uncapped entry solution but is shaped and is rate limited when using excessive limits that are above our Fair Usage Policy (FUP).

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Need a website?
It’s as simple and 123.


Step 1: Contact us for a quote and receive 3 concepts to choose from.


Step 2: Accept your concept and provide your content.


Step 3: Wait patiently while your site gets built.


Step 4: Receive link for review, give us a thumbs up or send us finishing touches.


Step 5: Your website is live!


Step 6: Receive access to your site, Google Analytics and schedule your training.


Step 7: Ongoing Support by our team of professionals.

There are several approaches when it comes to content editing but we consider our Advanced Layout Editor one of the best.

We prefer a backend editor to one that is placed on the frontend, because there is less clutter and the layout process is usually much easier.

However, there are merits to a frontend editor. The biggest one is that you can see how the element your are editing looks like at any given time.

This is why we have implemented a live preview window for our content elements. So now you got the best of both worlds: easy layout building and visual content editing 🙂

What our Customers Say

Come Alive is the company that does all my IT stuff and whom which I HIGHLY recommend. Gina is up and running in less than 2 hours from the initial request for new domain and address to be set up.

MattOwnerWild Child Africa

Thank you so much you have done an amazing job of bringing my dream to life. The site goes way beyond a mere website, it encapsulates the peace and love I seek to convey and I can tell how much time, care and joy went into making that possible. So thank you!

Kate MayoOwnerWaken My Soul

We are extremely grateful for the website that Come Alive has developed for us. The training and follow-up calls, visual snapshot support and prompt responses have been above expectation. We have already had very positive feedback from Artists and Customers on how nice and simple the website is. We look forward to being able to deal with Come Alive in the future, as we plan to do regular additions to the website.

Alan GordonOwnerEtchings etc

I have been using Come Alive as my ISP for over 10 years. Nicole recently suggested an upgrade to our website. Wow! The increase in business was tangible! An outstanding design based on a solid interpretation of what we do. The Come Alive team Rocks!

Peter BurkeOwnerGahan Consulting

It has been a pleasure dealing with the Come Alive team who always display professionalism, and who consistently go that extra mile to offer a suitable web solution. I can give thanks to them also for all the social media knowledge that I have acquired over the last few years.

BrigitteHarvey World Travel

In dealing with several web companies to date, Come Alive trumps the others double fold. The service and support is like no other and their professional and prompt manner is something very rare in this industry. We are looking to move all our sites to Come Alive in the near future; they are the only way to do business.

Kirsty Bowles

Come Alive have been my service provider for many years and I have found the staff very pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable. They have always given me sound advice and must say give very good value for money. I have recommended them to many business men and women and will continue to do so. I get satisfaction knowing that they are just a call away, where you get personal attention immediately, without the aggravation of a call centre.

JeremyOwnerThe Gem Lab

Weekly I am complimented on our fabulous, easy to read and follow website. The add-ons like the option to register online has taken Fitness Maniacs to new levels. I am grateful that I followed Nicole’s advice. Thank you ComeAlive for the great service that Fitness Maniacs has received over the years. I am proud to be associated with your company.

WendyOwnerFitness Maniacs

I would like to thank you and the “Come Alive” team for the outstanding service you have given us from the time you first came out to see us to ascertain our needs right through to today. Our website is fantastic! And fresh! In fact, we have never been so busy with quotes! Along with the great service your accounts and technical departments have delivered in all respects of our services, we are comfortable in knowing that we will have a longstanding mutually beneficial relationship with Come Alive for many years to come.

CraigOwnerMason West

Real Support by Real People

We present professional support provided by real people with a quick turn around time to ensure your business is taken care of from the get-go. Give us a call, drop us an email or leave your details in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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