Branded Email Info

 Our Email Branding Service Is Compatible With All Major Email Platforms


google apps for workGoogle Premium Version:

This platform allows for the changing of SMTP settings, allowing your emails to brand via our Come Alive environment. 


office 365

Has Your Organisation Recently Moved From Exchange To Office 365?

Office 365 allows for the changing of SMTP settings, so Come Alive is fully compatible therewith.


exchange server

Still On Exchange?

Exchange servers allow for the configuration of a send connector that allows for the successful routeing and branding of all outbound email via our Come Alive environment.

How About Hosted Exchange?

Most hosted exchange suppliers are able to route outbound email to our Come Alive environment, thereby allowing us to successfully apply the branding to outbound email. 


pop imapAre You An Individual Or Small Business Using POP/IMAP?

We provide you with new outgoing SMTP settings for implementation on all your devices. This ensures that all your emails will be branded, regardless of the device you choose to use. 


Do I Need To Change My Email Client?

 No. You continue to use your existing email client. Come Alive only impacts the email after it is sent out; therefore, it is seamless to the email sender.

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